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Tow Truck Driver Refuses to Tow Disabled Woman

On Monday, May 2, a tow truck driver refused to a help a disabled customer who was stranded on Interstate 26 in Asheville.

Motorist, 25 year old Cassy McWade says she was in a car accident, and as her regular mechanic was not available her family called Ken Shupe of Shupee Max Towing in Traveler’s Rest.

McWade has psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and early-stage Crohns, which made it especially hard for her not having a restroom nearby. She is legally disabled and says Shupe was told about this before he arrived and in addition the handicapped placard was hanging on her mirror when Shupe arrived.

However, when he arrived and saw a Bernie Sanders sticker on the car he refused to tow her saying he has had payment problems with two customers who supported Sanders. He then left the scene and McWade had to wait more than an hour and a half for another tow truck to arrive.

Shupe says he did not know she was disabled but even if he had, he would have not towed her car, but would have waited until another company arrived to tow her.

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