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South Carolina has Poor State of the Roads

Many people in South Carolina are complaining about the state of the roads, which they say are crumbling, and the bridges are deteriorating.

An accident happens every three hours on the South Carolina section of the Interstate 85 and the state of the roads is increasing the cost of transporting goods, with blown out tires and accidents and causing traffic jams. It is estimated that the traffic congestion costs the state $2.6 billion and in Greenville alone, some $260 million.

The potholes cause blown out tires and collisions. The loose debris on the road causes broken windshields and the time of the average commute is doubled.

South Carolina is the eighth most dangerous state to drive in in the country with around half of its roads rated as being in a bad condition and nearly 1,000 bridges currently suffering from structural problems. What is more, during 2015, traffic fatalities were up by 15 percent and nearly 1,000 people were killed on the roads in the state.

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